The Results of Research that was Made Using the Barriers Scale Between the Years 2000 and 2012: A Systematic Review in Türkiye

Wednesday, 24 July 2013: 1:30 PM

Fatma Ay, PhD
Nuran Gençtürk, PhD
Departman of Midwifery, Istanbul Üniversity School of Health Science, Istanbul, Turkey

Learning Objective 1: The Barriers Scale can adequately reflect the perceptions of nurses in Turkey.

Learning Objective 2: the main barriers are change by geographic location.

Purpose: The aim of this systematic review was to examine the state of knowledge resulting from use of the BARRIERS scale and to determine the main barriers.

Methods: Turkiye Citation Index (2000 to October 2012), Medline (2000 to October 2012) and CINHAL (2000 to October 2012) were searched for published research. The search were  performed using the key words (BARRIERS scale, research utilization scale, Türkiye, Turkey etc.) Inclusion criteria were: studies using the BARRIERS scale in its entirety and where the sample was nurses in between 2000-2012 years.

Results: We examined articles, this is the most common barrier that faced by nurses in the study “The nurse does not feel she or he has enough authority to change patient care procedures”. All researches were a descriptive and cross sectional study. The majority of the researches conducted by academics.

Conclusion: The Researches, the Barriers scale  that was developed by Funk, reliable and valid for Turkey. As a result, the reported barriers to the use of research results: using the results of the research nurses does not see themselves sufficient to create change in patient care, they didn't supported related to using the results of research in the business environment.