Comparison of Cost-Outcome Analysis Among Patient with Advanced Prostate Cancer Receiving Hormonal Therapy Versus Combination of Hormonal Therapy and Radiotherapy

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wei-Na Wang, MSN
Chi Mei Hospital, Liouying No.201, Taikang, Taikang Vil., Liuying Dist., Tainan City 736, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Chi Mei Medical Center, Tainan City, Taiwan

Learning Objective 1: This study compared the hormonal therapy and radiation therapy and hormonal drugs cost , effectiveness and cost effectiveness of different.

Learning Objective 2:

  1. Comparison of hormone therapy and radiation therapy at the patient characteristics and hospital characteristics of the different medical treatment.
  2. Hormone therapy and radiation therapy Comparison of cost-effectiveness analysis


This study was retrospective secondary data analysis, In January 1997 to December 2008 between the diagnosis of primary prostate cancer patient and outpatient basis, Select the "hormone therapy"and"hormone and radiation therapy"for the study sample. The sources of this study, Mainly from the National Institutes of Health released the National Health Insurance Research Database, Of January 1997 to December 2008 detailed file of outpatient prescription treatment (CD) and hospital expenses detailed file list (DD) and the basic data file medical institutions, The statistical software package SPSS for Windows 14.0 Chinese, For data processing and analysis, Based on the framework and assumptions descriptive and inferential statistics, Using two-tailed test (two-tailed) of its P value to 0.05. Using chi-square test, independent sample t test, one factor ANOVA and survival analysis for data analysis and verification of hypotheses


 The results showed, Prostate cancer patients in Taiwan to perform a single hormone therapy and hormone and radiation therapy at a total of 124, Infer the end of the age of prostate cancer patients are mainly distributed in more than75 years of age. Currently patients hormone and radiation therapy to the main medical center, And hormonal drugs in combination with radiation therapy 50% of the Taipei branch of hormone therapy significantly higher than that of a single branch in Taipei do not, The single-hormone therapy is 30.1% higher than the area south of hormonal drugs in combination with radiation therapy, Furthermore, Part of cost analysis, Direct costs of two treatments for two years and five years in significant differences, And total direct costs are also significant differences. The other effect analysis, Impact indicators referred to the number of complications, Survival time, outpatient visits and hospital days did not differ. Finally, cost-effectiveness analysis, Both treatments may, the cost of outpatient treatment results are significantly different.


Select the end of the basic treatment for prostate cancer patients based on their conditions and will, Coupled with the clinical diagnosis of clinical specialist, However, this study found that treatment with different patients may cause the number of out-patient treatment costs and cost-effectiveness of different, This conclusion provides medical services, prostate cancer patients and their families to discuss their behavior decision-making principles, and propose that the unit can use the data of this study as a reference for the future allocation of medical resources to provide for appropriate and realistic Demand for payment standards.