Measuring Quality and Enhancing Performance Through Nursing Dashboards, Al-Gharbia Hospitals Nursing Administration Experience

Tuesday, 23 July 2013: 3:50 PM

Salah-Addin H. Aqtash, PhD, RN
Regional Nursing Administration, Al-Gharbia Hospitals, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Learning Objective 1: Identify the importance of dashboards as an effective management tool and discuss the metrics that can be utilized to improve performance and enhance the quality

Learning Objective 2: Discuss the dashboards metrics selected by Al-Gharbia Hospitals Regional Nursing Administration; a division of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA health System)

Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the dashboards metrics utilized by Al-Gharbia Hospitals (AGH) Regional Nursing Administration, a division of Abu-Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA Health System), and to analyze the impact of these metrics on improving patient outcomes.

Methods:  Al-Gharbia Hospitals Regional Nursing Administration had developed nursing and institutional dashboards that helped the AGH nursing leaders to make evidenced based decisions. The choice of indicators utilized in the dashboard covered three broad areas including human resources metrics, quality metrics and patient experience metrics. The data presented in the regional dashboards encouraged the AGH nursing leaders to utilize a systems thinking approach that looked at the whole picture as well as the interaction between all AGH units. In addition, it helped the leaders to understand how the AGH facilities are interconnected and consequently manage them as one system. This integrative approach allowed the AGH nursing leaders to focus on optimizing, rather than maximizing, the performance of nursing staff in all facilities in a way that contributed toward achieving the organization strategic initiative of providing high quality and cost effective nursing care.

Results:  Data presented in the dashboards contributed positively toward providing higher quality care, implementation of more efficient processes, and higher patient and staff satisfaction.

Conclusion: It is important for nursing leaders to understand the relationships among the different departments in the organization and the effect of each department on the metrics selected in the dashboard. Good understanding of the system is expected to contribute positively toward the decision making process.