The Formative Development of a Clinical Nursing Scholar

Friday, 26 July 2013: 10:35 AM

Judy Beal, DNSc, RN, FNAP, FAAN
School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Simmons College, Boston, MA
Joan M. Riley, EdD, RN
Department of Nursing, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

Learning Objective 1: Understand that best pedagogies must focus on development of self-awareness of who I am as a nurse.

Learning Objective 2: Describe a research based pedagogical model for international baccalaureate formative education that includes best practices in pedagogies that support the formation of clinical nurse scholars.

Purpose: The purpose of this National League for Nursing funded study was to uncover best practices in pedagogies used in baccalaureate programs that support the formative development of clinical nursing scholars.  

Methods: Ninety chief academic officers were selected using a stratified random sampling technique to insure a representative sample by size and region of accredited baccalaureate programs in the United States.  Initial recruitment was by email correspondence which explained the purpose and the methods of the study.  A sample size of thirty was anticipated and recruitment continued until thematic saturation was reached (n=29).  Interviews were conducted in person at professional meetings or over the phone.  The model "Scholar in Nursing Practice" was presented and questions focused on what pedagogies are used to develop the role attributes and processes of clinical nursing scholars.  Content analysis was used to analyze the data and participants verified themes.  

Results: The major finding of this study was that best pedagogies must focus on the evolution of self-awareness of “who I am” as a developing clinical nursing scholar. Additional themes included the findings that best learning occurs in learning partnerships and that best learning pathways in the formation of clinical nursing scholars are varied. The role attributes of clinical nursing scholars need greater emphasis in formative nursing education.   A research based  pedagogical model for international baccalaureate formative education will be presented.  

Conclusion: A new research based pedagogical model for formative baccalaureate education responds to the affirmation of current and the discovery of new pedagogies to develop future clinical nursing scholars in international nursing education environments. Future clinical scholars, tomorrow’s practice leaders, require structure and processes in formative education that will nurture the characteristics and shape experiences to assure career progression that leads to scholarly nursing practice patterns.