External Cold and Vibration Relieves Pediatric Pain Felt During Immunization

Thursday, 25 July 2013: 1:55 PM

Sevil Inal
Istanbul University Health Science Faculty, Midwifery Departmant, Istanbul University, Health Science Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
Nejla Canbulat, Karaman University, Nursing Department
Karaman University, Nursing Department, Karaman University, Karaman, Turkey
Ayse Sevim Akbay
Midwifery, Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey

Learning Objective 1: Atravmatic nursing

Learning Objective 2: Pain management

Purpose: This study aims to investigate the effect of external cold and vibration stimulation via Buzzy® on pain and anxiety level of children during immunization.

Methods: Procedures involving needles are the most common and major sources of pain in children. External cold and vibration via Buzzy® is a method which combines cooling and vibration.This study is a prospective, randomized and controlled trial. The sample consisted of 104 children aged from 7. We randomly assigned subjects in two groups: Control Group received no intervention during immunization, while experimental group received external cold and vibration via Buzzy®, and the same nurse conducted the immunization from all children.External cold and vibration was applied by same researcher for all children. External cold and vibration were began to apply just one minute before the immunization procedure and continued until the end of the procedure. Pre-procedural anxiety was assessed using CFS along with children’s and two observer’s reports. Procedural anxiety was assessed using CFS along with two observer’s reports. Procedural pain was assessed via the both WBFS along with self report of children, two observer’s reports and VAS with self report. 

Results: Pre-procedural anxiety did not differ significantly. Comparison of the experimental group showed significantly lower pain and anxiety levels than the control group during the immunization.

Conclusion: Buzzy® is considered to be an effective combination of coldness and vibration. External cold and vibration stimulation via Buzzy® was found to be an effective method for pain and anxiety relief in children during immunization.