Design and Development of an Interactive Educational Tool: Contributions for Family Caregivers

Wednesday, 24 July 2013: 1:50 PM

Maria Josť Landeiro, RN, MScN
Nursing School College, School of Nursing, Oporto, Portugal
Teresa Martins, PhD
Nursing College of Porto, Nursing College of Porto, Porto, Portugal

Learning Objective 1: The learner will be able to learn about how design an interactive educational technology for family caregivers

Learning Objective 2: The learner will be able to learn about the major content used in this interactive educational technology to promote caregivers mastery


Design and develop an interactive educational tool in order to provide information tailored to the needs of family caregivers in order to promote his mastery.


Quantitative and qualitative study, quasi-experimental field, with two study groups. To be implemented in an Oporto`s hospital. Consisting of three phases:

1.ª – Identify the needs and difficulties of family caregivers. We made a literature review and semi – estrutured interviews

2.ª- The construction of the interactive tool to be accessible in the web to the caregivers

3.ª - Evaluating the effectiveness of the interactive tool.


We finalized the interviews with nurses and family caregivers (Phase 1) and we design and developed an interactive educational tool(Phase 2) ..  Nurses and caregivers consider that it is important to construct and use an interactive educational tool to achieve caregivers mastery. The contents of interactive educational technology aims to meet the needs of family caregivers. These results are overlap to literature.


The design and development of an interactive educational technology  with a view to providing information adapted to the needs of family caregivers of dependent patients in order to increase their potential for knowledge, clarify doubts and promote his mastery.