The Survey for Nursing Management Behavior of Diabetes Liaison Nurses in Guangdong Province

Friday, 25 July 2014

Peiru Zhou, RN
Nursing: Out-Patient Services, The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Guangzhou, China
Xueyan Liu, RN
department of endocrine, rachel, guangzhou, China

Purpose: To investigate work status quo related to diabetes care management of diabetes liaison nurses; Probe into effects of the related factors for diabetes liaison nurses management.

Methods: 426 cases of diabetes link nurses were cross-sectional surveyed by application of the management behavior scale.

Results: On average each item score of diabetes link nurse management behavior scales was 3.63±0.54,the average item score of domain 2 “blood glucose monitoring and insulin injection management”ranked the first(3.98±0.76)during all the dimensions.The item5 “check the period of validity of blood glucose monitoring test paper in ward” scored the highget(4.10±0.90) ,the item4 “calculate hypoglycemic events of patients in ward”scored the lowest(3.05±1.16).


the management work status quo of diabetes liaison nurse was not optimistic, fails to reach the management level “frequently”as a whole,the link nurse did blood glucose monitoring and insulin injection management better,they didn’t pay much attention to hypoglycemic events of patients in ward relatively.