An Evaluation of Motivators for Colonoscopy Screening Compliance

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holly Marcusen Wright, RN, BSN
Endoscopy, Ogden Regional Medical Center, Ogden, UT

Purpose: Polyp removal, which is done during a colonoscopy screening, has been shown to reduce colorectal cancer by as much as 90%. Only 53% of Americans who are age 50 comply with colorectal cancer screening guidelines. More people need to have colonoscopy screenings. This study aims to learn what motivators are working to get people to comply with colonoscopy screening so that this information can be used to motivate more people to have the screening done.

Methods: We used mixed-methods with qualitative and quantitative features in a one-on-one interview and a questionnaire with 206 participants

Results: We are finding that doctor recommendations, family history of colon cancer and family pressure are among the most significant influences that help people choose to have a screening colonoscopy

Conclusion: This information can be utilized to increase colonoscopy screening compliance.