High Quality and Low Cost: Evidence-Based Nursing Workshops in a Large Health Care Organization

Sunday, 27 July 2014: 3:15 PM

Rivka Hazoref, PhD, MA, BS, RN
Kaplan Medical center, Kaplan Academic school of nuesing . Affiliated to the Hebrew university, Reovot, Israel
Dorit Weiss, PhD, MA, BS, RN
Nursing Division, Clalit - HMO, Tel Aviv, Israel
Limor Yariv, PhD, MA, BS, RN
Nursing Division, Clalit HMO, Tel Aviv, Israel
Anat Peles Bortz, PhD, MA, BS, RN
Nursing Devision, Clalit HMO, Tel Aviv, Israel

High Quality and Low Cost: Evidance Base Nursing Workshops in a Large Health Care Organization 


The trend for identify evidence of clinical nursing activity will lead to the most significant reform in the nursing profession in the years to come.

The traditional practices in nursing still based on experience and health organizations around the world are currently required to minimize the gap between tradition practice and    current evidence.

The main process that can assimilate a new professional language in evidence based nursing as a well structured educational program.


 To implement an educational program of EBP in clinical fields based on self learning model .  

Objectives of a workshop in evidence base nursing in a clinical field :

1. The nurse will obtain skills in identifying clinical question the clinical field by the EBP model.

2. The nurse will acquire skills in performing hierarchic search in evidence computing database according to the EBP model.

3.  The nurse will acquire skills in integrative assessment of proficiency in the evidence and choosing an alternative according to the EBP model.


Wandering workshop in health services , including medical center and primary care. The workshop guided   academic by nurses.   

The scope of the workshop: 16 hours of theoretical instruction. 50 hours of practical experience.

  Subjects of theoretical meetings:

 1. Introduction and asking the clinical question.

2. Practice clinical question and finding evidence in the literature.

3. Integrative evaluation of evidence in the literature and expert opinion.

4. Guidelines for the documentation and drafting recommendations.


In 3 years, 80 clinical questions were raised by staff nurses and were examined by the evidence based steps. The model of the workshop is a low cost model but more important   we succeed to assimilate the language of evidence based nursing in a large health medical organization.