A Study on Teaching-Learning Methods to Promote Self-Directed Learning for Women's Health Nursing

Friday, 25 July 2014: 4:10 PM

Jiin Kim, PhD, RN, RNM
Department of Nursing, Daegu Health College, Daegu, South Korea

Goal : It's gradually decreasing to get opportunities of clinical training for nursing students due to decreasing birthrate and patient safety-first policy in hospital. The pursose of this study is to develop Self-directed Teaching-learning methods of liaison between the school and clinical setting for women's health nursing.

Method : The participants were 120 3rd grade nursing students of D college in Daegu city who had studied women's health nursing in 2013. Data were collected from March to June using self-reported questionaires. Instruments were the ability of Self-directed learning(Cho, 2011) and 20-question multiple-choice test. These were used to evaluate for course outcome of the lecture. The data were analyzed by frequency, percentage and paired t-test through SPSS 14.0 pc version.

Results : The results of analysis are as followed.

First, the analysis showed that pregnancy induced hypertension(4.01) and bleeding problem(3.98) is the most interesting subjects.

Second, lecture(4.40), audiovisual education(4.24) and simulation(3.26) are preferred to the teaching method.

Third, there was a statistically significant positive correlation after self-directed teaching-learning method application(p=.000).. 

Conclusion : In spite of these results, it is recommended that further research be conducted with the large-scale samples from different areas and schools.

And it is recommended that teacher try to expose students to a variety of learning methods and to apply actively simulation-based teaching methods for promoting learners' autonomy. Also, the curriculum should be improved in order for students and teachers to have more choices about the outcome-based learning.