Leadership is Key to High-Performance Amidst Inevitable Trends of Diversity

Saturday, 26 July 2014: 4:10 PM

Rita K. Adeniran, DrNP, RN, CMAC, NEA, BC
Penn Medicine Center for Innovation and Learning, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, PA

Technology, generational divides, and differing personal values are some of the factors that contribute to the inevitable diversity trends witnessed in today’s evolving healthcare system.  Regardless of these diversities, leaders have the responsibility of creating environments that optimize team performance while enhancing patient outcomes, safety and quality of care. Gracious space, cultural and confident humility are strategies that have been found to be effective for leaders to understand, support and manage diversity in ways that foster high-performance. These strategies help teams to span boundaries, mitigate tension, foster creativity, innovation, and high-performance by setting team’s direction, gaining commitment from individual members and aligning team objectives and values to over-all organizational goals. These tools have been effective in promoting inclusiveness, allowing leaders and teams to leverage talents in ways that enable and sustain environments that respect and value diverse perspectives, generate multiple alternatives, develop new possibilities and deepen team’s relationships for high-performance.