The Changing Role of the Administrator of Nursing Quality, Evidence-Based Practice and Research in an Enculturated Evidence-Based Practice Environment

Monday, 28 July 2014: 8:50 AM

Jaclyn Buck, PhD, RN, NE-BC
Department of Nursing, The Ohio State University Health System, Columbus, OH


This presentation will discuss the transitions in the role of the senior administrator of nursing quality, EBP and research to work successfully in a fully enculturated evidence –based practice environment.


This includes the process of identifying and selecting nurse leaders to work in this department who support a comprehensive vision of the EBP culture and are able to sustain the enculturation.  


The Administrator must leverage the talents of his/her nurse leaders to balance the quality, EBP and research needs of his/her organization.  Furthermore, the Administrator must encourage and support collaboration with the experts in nursing research, EBP, nursing education and nursing quality  within his/her department.


  To sustain fiscal support, the Administrators must be able to demonstrate the link between the scholarly pursuits of EBP and nursing research to patient and fiscal.