Physical and Psychological Care of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemical Therapy

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yi-Chiu Ou, RN1
Chia Jung Lin, RN1
Min Juan Zeng, RN2
Ruo-Nan Jueng, RN3
(2)department of nursing, national yang-ming university hospital, Taiwan, Taiwan
(3)Department of nursing, national yang-ming university hospital, Taiwan, Taiwan

Purpose: This exploratory study was to investigate and describe searching for physical and psychological care of breast cancer patients receiving chemical therapy in Taiwan. The study was conducted in a community’s hospital in east Taiwan.

Methods: Eleven adult women with breast cancer, who indicated their present followed up in outpatient department and were able to communication well, were recruited. A hermeneutical, phenomenological research method was employed to guide the study. Interview were used to explore the structure of the study participants.

Results: Three themes emerged include (1)loss of control ,(2)health and choice, (3) to live. They were impaired insomnia causes severe distress, vomiting, feel nauseated, disturbance of body image. However sleep disturbance not only make patients uncomfortable and interfere with their mental health.

Conclusion: Nursing intervention included promoting physical health, helping patients face the change of body appearance and uncomfortable, and encouraging patients joining families activities, to improve physical and psychological status and keep life of quality. This research provided nurses with a reference for caring similar patients in the furture.