The Experiences of Families to Care the Children with Asthma during the Developmental Transition: A Mixed Method

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Li-Chi Chiang, RN, PhD
School of Nursing, School of Nursing, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Purpose: To explore the experience of families having children with asthma to transfer the responsibilities of asthma self-management during the development transition period.

Design:A mixed method study was used to explore the experiences of families to care the children with asthma during the developmental transition stage. 

Methods: Twenty parents and children with asthma dyad were interviewed and followed by structure questionnaire from preschool to school-age transition stage. The qualitative data was transcribed and analyzed by the content analysis. The structure questionnaires including the self-management of children and parents, family function and children’s ARQOL, asthma signs/symptoms, lung function were repeat measured for six months after the child entering the elementary school accordingly. The quantitative data was analyzed by the General Lineal Model (GLM).

Results: The qualitative data revealed that parents perceived hesitate let go or not, indecision to shift responsibilities and coexist of Happy and Hazard to unclear school situation .The quantitative results revealed that assessing behavior of self-management and mastery of stress of parents were significantly improved through the transition respectively. The ARQOL and Family function without significantly change. The family management style was significantly impact on the changes of parents’ self-management and children’s asthma sign and symptoms.

Conclusion: Most of the parents without preparedness for their child transition independent for the asthma management into school. The developing care for children with asthma was recommended, including three components: 1) Reinforcing the illness perception of parents and children about asthma; 2) Encouraging shifting the responsibilities; 3) Commence the self-management behaviors for children. Empowering the parents to rear the child with asthma gradually relief the responsibilities to children in each transitional condition. Further examination of the comprehensive and applicability of developing care model is necessary.