Integration of EBP Competencies Exemplar: The Interdisciplinary Policy and Procedure Committee Experience

Sunday, 27 July 2014: 11:10 AM

Cheryl L. Boyd, PhD, WHNP-BC, NE-BC, RN
Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Columbus, OH


Creating an environment where EBP is the foundation of clinical decision making and practice is a challenging undertaking in real world healthcare organizations.  Resources to promote the transition to an EBP culture can accelerate this process. Having clear set of scientifically derived EBP competencies that are reasonable to expect of clinicians in practice would be a helpful tool. When presented with opportunity to pilot the integration of EBP competencies, our organization energetically accepted.  Our engagement was based on our interest in enhancing our own ongoing work in advancing EBP in our organization as well as participating in work that could accelerate the integration of EBP in other organizations as well.


Our organization integrated the EBP competencies into the skill set of the members of our policy and procedure committee. The committee had expressed interest in learning more about EBP in the past however a framework to build upon had not been selected. The EBP competency pilot project was an excellent fit for designing a program to provide EBP education for the group with a clear set of measurable outcomes (competencies) that could be evaluated along the way.


The implementation and results of the EBP competency integration pilot will be discussed including; initial discussions, obtaining group engagement and buy-in, barriers, facilitators, critical strategic recommendations for success, and individual as well as organizational outcomes.


EBP competencies are a valuable tool and resource for organizations seeking to build a culture of EBP. A pilot project to integrate scientifically derived EBP competencies into an important, interdisciplinary team in our organization had significant impact. The impact to the organization and plans for next steps in integrating EBP competencies throughout the organizations will be presented.