Requirements of Nursing Classification Systems for an Useful Application in Electronic Data Records

Sunday, 27 July 2014: 9:10 AM

Pia Wieteck, RN, PhD
ENP Research & Development, Baar-Ebenhausen, Germany


In the final presentation, the necessary requirements of nursing classification systems for an useful application in electronic data records will be discussed. The main question will be which abstraction level or granulation is needed for nursing terminologies to enable nursing documentation and all of the before presented aims in an electronic patient record.

Methods: To support the discussion the levels of granulation of a number of nursing diagnoses in different nursing terminologies and the results of a cross-mapping of ENP and NANDA will be presented.

Results: n/a


This and the other presentations of this symposium should spur a scientific discussion of the requirements nursing classification in general should have to be most beneficial for the use in electronic patient records on the one hand and the further development of Evidence-based Nursing on the other hand.