On the Ground and from Afar: STTI & Global Nursing Organization Representatives to UN NGO community: A Place at the Table

Saturday, 26 July 2014: 8:30 AM

Holly Shaw, PhD, RN
Helped to develop STTI UN relationship by assisting with applications for DPI and ECOSOC association; Appointed by 3 STTI presidents as primary onsite representative at UN; Chair, UN Task Force (2009-2010) , UN Advisory Council (2010-2011; Attends over 20, STTI, Sea Cliff, NY

Purpose: In the inception of the UN, civil society was included to participate through representatives of NGOs.  This presentation will focus on the experience of STTI representatives inside the UN NGO community and in the transnational CoNGO (Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with the UN).  Through DPI-NGO (Department of Public Information) and ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) programs and NGO Committee participation, a voice for the nursing profession is emrging, providing an opportunity to contribute to global health issues.

Methods: STTI members will learn about the NGO UN Committees in the UN System world wide, addressing issues of Health and Mental Health, gender equity, social justice, human rights, including UNICEF, Mental Health, NGO Health Committee, NGO Working Group on Girls, and NGO Commission on the Status of Women, which facilitates the annual CSW in NYC attracting over 5,000 participants from all countries in the world. and oportunities for participation using web casting, social media and electronic communication.  Opportunities for participation in these and other events will be discussed, as well as suggestions for stimulating chapter and regional activities.

Results: Representatives will describe and illustrate the responsibiliies of NGO representatives, and share the unique perspective of an insider’s view of the UN System as members and leaders in the global UN NGO community, establishing a distinct role for nurse advocates within the UN System. 

Conclusion: The presentation will focus on a description of opportunities for STTI members to participate in the development of the UN Post 2015 Agenda and the shaping of the Sustainable Development Goals (STGs). Tthe NYC UN Headquarters team's experience can provide encouragement and support for participation of all members, chapters and regions.