Youth UN Representatives: Emerging Roles for Youth at the UN

Saturday, 26 July 2014: 9:10 AM

Timothy Shi, BSN, RN
Upsilon Chapter of New York University, STTI UN Youth Representative, New York, NY
D. J. Schnabel, BSN, RN
Ioat Alpha, Sea Cliff, NY

Purpose: This purpose of this presentation is to describe the newly established Youth Representative role within the UN System,and activities associated with the   DPI NGO (Department of Public Information) and ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council).  Youth engagement in the UN is regarded as a crucial focus for developing leadership and particpation in the resolution of transnational issues. Activities and opportunities for youth participation (18-24) will be explored and discussed.

Methods: The experience of the UN Youth Representatives will be highlighted for STTI members interested in enagement of young members. Mentorship and collaboration on global health and nursing projects demonstratesucessful and meaningful intergenerational and colleagal activities.

Results: UN Youth Representatives formm nursing NGOs will share their experiences in the UN System and provide information for members and chapters interested in promoting youth activity in the UN.

Conclusion: The youth representatives will disucss the UN System, and offer suggestions for engagment of young members.