Behaviour Development of Early Detection of Breast Cancer Among University Students With Peer Education Model

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Seher Yurt, PhD1
Rabi̇a Aksut, PhD1
Hasibe Kadioglu, PhD2
(1)Maltepe Universitesi Hemşirelik Yüksekokulu, Maltepe University, School of Nursing, İstanbul, Turkey
(2)Public Health Nursing, Marmara Universty, Istanbul, Turkey

Purpose: Breast cancer, with a rate of 40.7%, is one of the most common cancers among women. Lack of knowledge about this issue among women in developing countries causes late diagnosis of breast cancer and increase of cancer incidence.

Women can realize the 80-90 % of mass by breast self-examination (BSE). After a regular BSE, woman familiarizes her breast tissue and can recognize the changes easily. Furthermore, BSE is a costless, simple, reliable and effective method. Alongside the women over 40 among whom incidence of breast cancer has increased, it is highly important for young women to improve knowledge about BSE and do a regular BSE. One of the important steps to acquire sanitation behaviours and take sanitation responsibilities among young people is informing the young with health education.

The study aims to improve knowledge and early detection behaviours of breast cancer with peer education model among university students.

Methods: In the methodology part of the study, the method of pre-test, post-test and control group will be used among groups that are not randomized. The sample of the study will consist of all first grade students studying at Maltepe University in 2016-2017 fall term (n=2500). In the implementation phase of the study, peer education model for an hour will be applied which aims to give knowledge about breast cancer and BSE. As peer educators, 60 intern nurse students will take part.

The implementation of the project will be between from October to December 2016. For the evaluation of the effect of education, BSE scale developed according to Champion’s health belief model will be used.

Results:  The project is in process and will be concluded in December 2016. The findings of the study will be presented after the project finishes.

Conclusion: This findings of the our study will be presented after the project finishes in January 2017 .