Bibliographic Review of Maternal Eating Practices and Their Relationship with the Weight of the Child

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Diana Laura Hernández Briones, SN
Department of Health Sciences, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico, San Andres Cholula Puebla, Mexico
Corina M. Alba-Alba, PhD
Nursing, Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, México, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

Purpose:  It is known that the mother is in charge of the feeding of the children in the families, but there are different Maternal Eating Practices which determine the quantity and quality of what the children eats so that could influence the weight of the child. The objective of this bibliographic review was to know the state of art related to Maternal Eating Practices and their relationship with the weight of the child, and also to know the Maternal Beliefs in relation with Eating Practices.

Methods: A bibliographic review was made in the databases: EBSCO host, Scielo & Redalyc with the MeSH keywords: Maternal Eating Practices, Child, Mothers and the boolean operators: “AND” & “NOT [Adolescents]” the research was made in Spanish and English, the year of articles was stablished between 2011-2016. Two hundred thirty-eight of articles was retrived, then the lecture of titles allows to identify the most accurate articles for the topic of interest so 200 articles was chosen, after that, the abstracts of articles was read electing 150 articles. Finally the full text of 100 articles was read and analyzed to obtain the conclusions of this review.

Results:  The bibliographic review included articles from Cuba, México, U.S.A. España, Perú & Argentina. It was found four Maternal Eating Practices Styles: Permissive, Authoritarian, Authoritative and Neglecting. The articles shown a relationship between Maternal Eating Practices and the weight of the child. Specifically the Eating Practices Styles Permissive and Authoritarian of the Mother shown a positive relationship with the weight of the child, in the other hand the Authoritative style it was related with a healthy weight of the child. Therefore it was found that factors: control are related with overweight, in the other hand the factors of discipline and limits can influence positive or negative in the weight of the child according in the strength of them. Related to Maternal Beliefs of Eating Practices it was found that these may influence either favorable or unfavorable in the decision on the food provided to the child and affect your weight.

Conclusion:  The Authoritative Maternal Eating Practice Style and the factors: Adequate Limits and Discipline are related with a Healthy Weight of the Child. In the other hand, Maternal Beliefs like "the child has to finish the hole dish" could influence overweight in the Child.