Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Applying Practice Counseling in Case Report Training

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Kai Yen Chang, MSN
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Nursing Department, Taipei Tzu Chi,Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, New Taipei City 23142,Taiwan(R.O.C.), Taiwan

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Applying Practice Counseling in Case Report Training

Background: Case report mainly presents nurse's ability to carry out nursing process. Among Taiwan Nurses Association’s advanced qualifications for the generalist nurse, academic capability requires approval in case report reviews. In one regional teaching hospital in northern Taiwan, writing case report is actually the more difficult part in clinical ladder for nurses in hospital with only 78 having been completed. Clinical nurses are familiar with the actual care work, and the actual caring process for the patient can be recorded in writing through practice counseling.

Purpose: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of practice counseling in case report training.

Method: A sample was taken from a regional teaching hospital in northern Taiwan with 305 nurses above N2. 36 nurses were recommended by immediate supervisors or voluntarily enrolled in the program. Training method consisted of 6 case report writing lessons, with 1-to-1 counselor counseling after each lesson. Counselor’s counseling started from initial case selection to report finalization, and tracking the progress of case report writing in the duration.

Results: The average seniority of subjects was 6.7 years, with 73.9% self-recommended to participate in the study. The attendance rate of the program was 75%. After training, 18 case reports were submitted for review. 9 passed reviews by Taiwan Nurses Association, and the passing rate was 50% which was higher than that of 2015 at 20%. In terms of satisfaction, course content was 88.3%; lecturing satisfaction was 90.0%; writing counselor satisfaction was 90.0%; self-learning and reflection satisfaction was 86.4%; and the overall satisfaction was 88.6%. In open feedback, trainee often indicate following learning schedule really helped them in improving writing levels. Through discussions with counselors, different ideas could be stimulated each time.

Conclusion: The case report training model through practice counseling really helped participating colleagues in completing case reports. This suggests that the concept of practice counseling can be added to nursing-related teaching, such as administrative projects, evidence-based nursing, etc. This practice counseling training program had attendance rate of 75%. Analysis suggests some clinical nurses had either participated in related courses before or shift duty preventing them from participating in all lessons. We recommend further understanding to enhance their motivation to participate in the training.