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Structural and Process Standards in the Emergency Ward
Habibollah Hosseini, MScN, Health Dept, Health Dept, Isfahan University of Med,Sc, Isfahan, Iran

Introduction: Since emergency wards are so important from different aspects, promotion of their present conditions is so crucial.As the nurses working in these wards are the first group who make early interventions to save critical patients, this is considered as a need for them to get enough knowledge and skills in this field . On the other hand,Ignoring structural and process standards can result in personnel disfunction and their low nursing services. This study has tried to define the mean obedience of structural and process standards in an emergency ward of Isfahan medical university selected hospital. Materials and methods: This is a cross-sectional descriptive analytic study carried out in Isfahan Medical University selected hospital.The main target of the study was to investigate the level of obedience for structural standards such as physical environment, facilities and man power as well as process standards like patients`care.First an observation checklist for physical environment, facilities and man power was made and the data were collected from the emergency ward personnel working in the ward through direct and indirect methods. Then,the collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics after being classified. Results: The findings of the research showed this ward has appropriate level as 83.8% for physical environment, 75% for facilities and equipments,and 64.5% for man power. About 46% of the personnel had excellent efficiency and 32.9% had low to average efficiency . Discussion and conclusion: Ignoring structural and process standards can result in low services quality and finally deminished quality services. According to the results,it was shown that standards obedience can come true only when do we have good manpower programs, efficient records control tools and adequate facilities while strategies of motivation and job satistaction enhancement which need a board attitude should not be ignored but considered as well.

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