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Reducing the Infectious Wastes of an Intensive Care Unit by Job Training and Education of Patients' Families
Yu-Chu Pai, RN, MS, Nursing Department, Taipei Veterans General Hospital(TVGH), Taipei, TAIWAN, Taiwan and Yi-Chen Tsou, RN, BS, Respiratory Therapy Intensive Care Unit, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan.
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Objective: This study adopted system theory to conduct medical staff continuous education and patient's family education for reducing the infectious wastes in an intensive care unit in order to reduce hospital spending and environmental contamination. Method: This study was conducted in an intensive care unit by adopting system theory, medical staff was received job training, and patient's families were also received a related education program. Two tests, pre-test and pos-test for the education program related to the capability of the infectious wastes classification were conducted. The study was proceed 1 year, in the period, the amounts of the non-infectious and the infectious wastes were monitored and determined to evaluate the outcome after the intervention. Results: The results were as follows: (1) the scores of pre-test and post-test, for infectious waste classification in medical staff to be 70+11 vs 98+4 (t=-19.23, p< 0.001)and patient's families, 55+14 vs 96+6(t=-22.48, p< 0.001); (2) both medical staff and patient's families successfully carried out the infectious waste classification; (3) the amount of infectious waste was significantly reduced by, 59% the waste treatment cost could be significantly reduced more than US$38,000 in one year (t=19.9, p<0.001). Conclusions: Through job training and patient's family education, we established an suitable intervention to conduct infectious waste classification to reduce hospital spending and environmental contamination, the approach could be applied to other nursing care progams.

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