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Narrative Pedagogy and Nursing Role Assimilation
Patricia Bradley, MSN and Linda L. Hansen-Kyle, MSN, CCM. Nursing, Grossmont College & University of San Diego, El Cajon, CA, USA

Introduction/Background: Nancy Diekelmann, Pamela Ironside, and other scholars have shown that the use of narrative pedagogy, which allows students to incorporate “lived experiences” and discussions of these experiences into the learning environment, leads to thinking like a nurse.

Objective: To apply the principles of narrative pedagogy to the assimilation of the nurse role by second career students.

Design: A qualitative pilot study was conducted utilizing individual written narratives and instructor guided discussions using a narrative pedagological framework.

Population: Thirty foreign-trained medical students who are in a nurse education program which will lead to eligibility to take the nurse licensure exam (NCLEX)

Intervention and Outcome Variables: Utilization of prior experience and application to the new nursing roles the students will assume is the expected outcome.

Methods: (a)Students write individual narratives describing their viewpoint of the nursing role as it pertains to nursing diagnosis, care planning, and care delivery and apply this to a case study. (b)This is followed by the instructor guided narrative pedagological discussion groups of 8-10 students. (c)Following the discussion, the students again write individual narratives regarding how their viewpoints of nursing have or have not changed from the previous written narrative and how they would now apply this knowledge to the same case study.

Findings/Implications: The narratives before and after are still being assessed. Initial findings indicate a more complete understanding of the nursing role after the guided discussion. Case studies need to be more thoroughly assessed for nurse role assimilation. This further assessment will lead to implications for practice. (Assessment will be completed by Spring 2004)

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