Friday, July 23, 2004
This presentation is part of : Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation: A Nursing Mandate
Nursing and Tobacco Control in the United Kingdom: Clearing the Air
Linda Sarna, RN, DNSc, School of Nursing, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA and Jennifer Percival, RGN, RM, RHV, Dip, Counseling, Royal College of Nursing, Kings Langley, Herts, United Kingdom.

Objective: To discuss the development and implementation of a Royal College of Nurses' initiative to enhance nurses' involvement in tobacco control and the expansion of this initiative to other European countries.

Methods: Description of the development, implementation, and evaluation of this initiative.

Findings: The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) established the Tobacco Education Project with an educational grant from a consortium of pharmaceutical companies in 1998. The objectives were to increase the knowledge of RCN members about the impact of smoking on public health, support nurses in their role as providers of smoking cessation advice, help them increase the effectiveness, quality and quantity of their interventions, and provide support to nurses wishing to stop smoking. A publication called "Clearing the Air" was written by and for nurses, addressing tobacco control and smoking cessation. A peer led campaign 'No Butts' was run to encourage nurses to quit smoking.

Conclusions: The Initiative continues and has reached nurses in the United Kingdom who have been increasing their involvement in tobacco control and increasing their own quit attempts. With the example from RCN, the International Council of Nurses published the "ICN Monograph on tobacco prevention and smoking cessation skills for nurses", to be distributed to National Nursing Associations throughout the world.

Implications: In Europe, 30% of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Approximately 6 million nurses and midwives work across Europe, and if mobilezed and empowered to address the issue of smoking, the potential impact on publich health could be vast.

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