Saturday, July 24, 2004: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM

Using Computerized Testing to Assess Educational Outcomes

Learning Objective #1: Describe research findings establishing the predictive accuracy of HESI exams with NCLEX-RN outcomes and related benchmarking practices that stipulate achievement of specific HESI scores
Learning Objective #2: Discuss research results validating the use of HESI exams as indicators of program effectiveness in nursing education and employment success for newly graduated registered nurses
Computer technology has revolutionized nursing education in both academic and practice settings. Computerized nursing exams are examples of the use of such technology, not only for test administration, but also for the scientific development of these exams using computer-generated item analysis data. This symposium will describe the use of computerized exams developed by Health Education Systems (HESI) in predicting NCLEX-RN outcomes and employment success of new graduates of basic nursing programs. Abstract #1 describes the accuracy of the HESI Exit Exam (E2) in predicting NCLEX-RN outcomes as determined by data obtained from more than 25,000 students over five accademic years. Abstract #2 provides an overview of the trend among nursing schools to use HESI exams scores as benchmarks throughout the curriculum to assess studentsí readiness for graduation. Abstracts #3 and #4 focus on the effectiveness of two different methods of conducting curriculum evaluation, each of which incorporates the use of aggregate scores from various HESI exams used throughout the curriculum as indicators of achievement of program outcomes. Abstract #5 describes findings of a study that examined data collected over four years to determine the relationship of several indicators of employment success, one of which was the E2, for new graduates practicing within a tertiary care hospital.
Organizer:Ainslie Nibert, RN, PhD
Presenters:Anne Young, EdD, RN
Mary Yoho, RN, MSN
Karen Murray, DrPH, RN
Ainslie Nibert, RN, PhD
Peg Reiter, MS, RN-C
 The Predictive Accuracy of HESI Exams: Five Years of Study
Ainslie Nibert, RN, PhD, Anne Young, EdD, RN
 Trends in Benchmarking with HESI Exams
Anne Young, EdD, RN, Carolyn Lewis, MN, RN
 Evaluating Curriculum Outcomes with HESI Exams
Karen Murray, DrPH, RN, Ainslie Nibert, RN, PhD
 The Predictive Accuracy of Standardized Nursing Exam Scores in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
Mary Yoho, RN, MSN, Anne Young, EdD, RN
 Predicting Employment Success with the HESI Exit Exam
Peg Reiter, MS, RN-C, Ainslie Nibert, RN, PhD

15th International Nursing Research Congress
Sigma Theta Tau International
July 22-24, 2004