Thursday, July 22, 2004: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM

Research Methodology

 Incorporating HIV Status Into the Analysis of an Intervention Study
Phyllis Shanley Hansell, EdD, RN, FAAN, Wendy C. Budin, RN, BC, PhD
 Patterns of Mammography Use and Constraints to Screening Among Disabled and Nondisabled Older Women
Robin Y. Wood, EdD, RN, Karen Giuliano, RN, MSN, CCRN, FAAN
 Using a Theoretical Framework to Build a Decision Support System
Eileen S. O'Neill, RN, PhD, Nancy M. Dluhy, RN, PhD
 Behind Closed Doors: Accessing Caring Dyads for Home-Based Intervention Research
Ellen Mahoney, RN, DNSc, Karen Daley, RN, MS, MPH

15th International Nursing Research Congress
Sigma Theta Tau International
July 22-24, 2004