Friday, July 23, 2004: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Health Informatics

 The Personal Digital Assistant: Building a Research Community Through Use of a "Techie Textbook” for Nursing Clinicals
Margaret Williams, DNSc, RN, Carol Ann Moseley, PhD, RN
 A Collaborative Approach to the Implementation of a Bedside Computer Documentation System
Carole Ann McKenzie, CNM, PhD
 A Nurse Practitioner-Managed Virtual Chronic Anticoagulation Clinic
Laura K. Heermann Langford, PhD, RN
 Results From the Formative Evaluation of Nursense, an Integrated Remote Home Monitoring Sensor and Internet Support System for Working Family Caregivers of Frail Elders
Diane Mahoney, PhD, APRN, BC, Barbara Tarlow, PhD, RN, Angela Goodridge, RN, BS

15th International Nursing Research Congress
Sigma Theta Tau International
July 22-24, 2004