Virtual Global Operations

Sunday, 29 October 2017: 3:05 PM

Rita Munley Gallagher, PhD, RN
TGC, Washington, DC, USA

Phi Gamma Chapter inducts only nurse leaders. To be eligible for membership in Phi Gamma Chapter, Nurse Leader Candidates must:
  • Be legally recognized to practice nursing in their country.
  • Have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field.
  • Demonstrate accomplishment in the profession by meeting one or more of the following achievement in nursing categories:
    • Administration
    • Education
    • Global Health
    • Practice
    • Publication
    • Research or
    • Other

Individuals who have not attained a minimum of a baccalaureate degree (or the equivalent) are not eligible for consideration for membership.

Applications for membership are processed electronically. Once a request for consideration for membership is received, either from Staff or directly from the Candidate, the application and CV are forwarded to the Phi Gamma Board members for consideration. A request for ratification and approval is presented by the Counselor to the Board at its monthly meeting. The Board decision is then communicated to Staff and the Candidate right after the meeting. All of this takes place electronically. Once approved the new Inductees are added to the online induction system and Invited to accept membership in STTI. Paid Inductees are then added to quarterly induction PowerPoint presentation. Once extended, the invitation is open for 1 year.

Induction is the start of involvement within a global network of peers and mentors who are available to guide and support members wherever their nursing careers may take them. The opportunities to become involved in Phi Gamma Chapter and in Sigma Theta Tau International, to grow, collaborate and develop as leaders, and to contribute to the nursing profession are virtually endless.

There are numerous opportunities available to Phi Gamma Chapter members. The Board and the Leadership Succession Committee are engaged in ongoing recruitment of new and emerging leaders for mentoring. Chapter members are encouraged to share their knowledge by making scholarly presentations during Phi Gamma Chapter webinars. Support from the Chapter and from Sigma Theta Tau International is available to members for professional development. Funds are available for members to support their research. Positions for elected and appointed leaders are open at least on an annual basis.

Phi Gamma Chapter is engaged in a host of activities. The Chapter holds quarterly Inductions at 9:00am Eastern time on the 10th of September, December, March and June. Educational webinars, some of which offer continuing education credit, are held regularly. Included among them recently was an electronic international poster session. The chapter engages in philanthropic activities. STTI is working to support the UN global Sustainable Development Goals including Goal 6 to Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Phi Gamma Chapter is supporting this goal by raising funds through the Phi Gamma [click WAVE Project: Water Access Virtually Ensured as a part of Phi Gamma takes part in the Sigma Theta Tau International Day of Philanthropy and the honor society’s Chapter Giving Club. In addition, several members have been named Virginia Henderson, Sigma Theta Tau and/or Billye Brown Fellows in recognition of their contributions to the Sigma Theta Tau International Foundation. Phi Gamma Chapter also engages in global outreach to prospective members. Presentations have been made to nurses in Egypt and the Philippines.