Sunday, November 4, 2007

This presentation is part of : Global Leadership Models
Leadership at the Point of Care: Engaging Staff to Transform Care
Shirley Ruch, MEd, RN, C-LNC and Diane Bradley, MS, MPA, RN, CNAA, BC, LNHA. Consulting, Creative Health Care Management, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Learning Objective #1: Design a healthy work environment with individual ownership for practice and positive team relationships.
Learning Objective #2: Describe how to improve staff and management collaboration on resource management and care delivery implementation.

This in-depth program reenergizes and refocuses the participant who is working in the current, chaotic healthcare environment.  All levels of the organization focus on self discovery of the leader within clarity of professional role, professional practice and care delivery systems.  The participants are able to recognize and strengthen their innate leadership skills.  The session focuses primarily on understanding self and accepting ownership for personal practice.

Patient and family satisfaction, job satisfaction, initiation of patient quality and safety improvement measure all begin at the point of care.  Creating and appreciating clarity around the uniqueness of each individual provides an adjunct to an already competent practitioner.  Cultivating knowledge of self imparts an environment rich with practical approaches for leading change.  Understanding how to lead others, as well as managing self, is spotlighted during this program.  Motivation for change resides in a partnership of leaders at all levels of an organization.

This session will also describe the necessary elements to inspire change in an organization, changing systems and one patient relationship at a time.  Seeing all members of the team as a leader will generate options for change which can maximize the talents of the multidisciplinary work group.  All levels of the organization action plan together enabling everyone to lead—particularly those closest to the patient.

Leadership at the Point of Care, a workforce development initiative for patient centered care, has been implemented in two large systems with extraordinary results. One initiative took place in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States as part of a customized nursing leadership project.