The 39th Biennial Convention (November 3 -- 7, 2007)

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Saturday, November 3, 2007
1:00 PM-1:30 PM
OPENING PLENARY: Power, Peace and Perseverance: Lessons Learned from Mother Teresa
2:45 PM-4:00 PM
Acute Care Issues and Strategies
Acute and Chronic Adult Healthcare Issues
Care of Elderly Clients
Diverse Partnership in Healthcare
EBP Applications
EBP Beliefs, Implementation and Organizational Readiness: Psychometric Properties of Three New Scales
Education Strategies for Success
Education and Practice Collaborations
End-of-Life Care Initiatives
End-of-Life Initiatives
Evidence-Based Outcome Measurement: How RNs and NPs Influence Patient's Satisfaction, Trust, Ratings of Care and Likelihood to Recommend
Fundamentals: Teaching Doing and Thinking
Global Health Initiatives
Global Initiatives in Workplace Excellence
Global Nursing Education Initiatives
Global Research in Women's Health Issues
Health Promotion and Disease Management Strategies
Healthcare Practice Initiatives
Healthcare Promotion Strategies
Human Well-Being: A Global Imperative for the Aging Population
Innovations in Nursing Education
Leadership Initiatives and Strategies
Leadership in the Academic Setting
Nursing Education Techniques
Promotion of Quality of Care
Psychiatric/Mental Health Models and Strategies
SPECIAL SESSION: Developing Global Standards for the Initial Education of Nurses and Midwives
SPECIAL SESSION: Moving Nursing’s Agenda Forward into the 21st Century: Sigma Theta Tau International’s Position on Evidence-Based Practice, Translational Research and Clinical Scholarship
SPECIAL SESSION: Sharing the Wealth: Developing Your Skills as a Nurse Entrpreneur
SPECIAL SESSION: Technological Innovations: A Means to MAGNET Status and Beyond
Social Concerns and Educational Strategies
Strategies for Child and Adolescent Health
Transcultural Nursing Strategies
Using Mobile Information Management Tools to Promote Evidence-Based Practice in an Academic Environment
Using Technology for Professional Development
Vision to Action: The Design and Implementation of Theory-Based Interventions
Sunday, November 4, 2007
8:15 AM-9:30 AM
Aging and Health Initiatives
Caregivers and Caring Behaviors
Caring for the Nurse
Clinical Initiatives in the Acute Care Setting
Collaborations in Education and Practice
Collaborative Leadership Strategies
Community Health Initiatives
Complementary and Alternative Care
Cultural Competent Nursing Care
Education Strategies and Techniques
Educational Innovations
Global Strategies for Psychiatric/Mental Health
Health Promotion Strategies
Healthcare Diversity Initiatives
Improving Outcomes of Preterms and Parents with the COPE Program: Explanatory Effects, Cost Outcomes and Implementation Strategies
Innovations in Informatics
Nursing Education Innovations
Nursing Practice Strategies
Palliative Care Issues
Palliative Care Nursing Research with Older Adults
Predictors of Patient Outcomes from a Large, Nursing Effectiveness Study
Professional Development in the Clinical Setting
Research in Adult Health Issues
SPECIAL SESSION: Achieving the TIGER Vision: Exploring 9 TIGER Collaboratives that will Shape the Future of Nursing
SPECIAL SESSION: Dreyfus Health Foundation's Global Nursing Program: "Problem Solving for Better Health-Nursing"
SPECIAL SESSION: Governance and Bylaws Forum
SPECIAL SESSION: QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) Update: Pilot School Learning Collaborative and Graduate Education Competencies
Strategies for Caring for Patients with Chronic Illness
Strategies for Vulnerable Populations
Strategies for Workplace Excellence
Strategies in Nursing Education
Techniques for Disease Prevention
Techniques for Workforce Enhancement
Transdisciplinary Healthcare Initiatives
10:30 AM-11:45 AM
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Chapter Fundraising and Philanthropy
Clinical Posters
Creative Innovations in Leadership
De-Distancing Education: Videoconferencing as a Medium in RN to BS Education
EBN Research Utilization
EBP Strategies and Techniques
Education and Practice Innovations
Elderly Care Strategies
End-of-Life Strategies
Global Healthcare Initiatives
Global Initiatives for Child and Adolescent Health
Global Initiatives in Cancer Care
Global Nursing Education Updates
Global Outcomes of Care Models
Global Research Issues
Global Team Projects
HIV/AIDS Stigma in Africa
Healthcare Practice Strategies
Innovations in Clinical Excellence Evidence-Based Practice Contest Honorable Mention Posters
Innovations in Teaching Nursing
International Learning Communities
International Team Projects
Issues in Living with Chronic Illness
Leadership in Promoting Patient Safety
New Strategies in Nursing Education
Nursing Education Strategies
Nursing Workforce Issues
Research in Domestic Violence Issues
SPECIAL SESSION: Affiliating a School of Nursing with Sigma Theta Tau International through a Chapter
SPECIAL SESSION: Meet the Society Editors: Publishing Opportunities and Resources at Sigma Theta Tau International
SPECIAL SESSION: The Neighborhood: A Virtual Experiential Learning Platform
Strategies for Nursing Education
Strategies for Nursing Retention
Techniques in Nursing Education
Theory, Translational Research, and Evidence-Based Practice
Transdisciplinary Project Models
Workforce Enhancement Projects
1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Adolescent Care Issues
Adult Medical/Surgical Health Issues
Cancer Care Strategies
Changing the Face of Moral Distress and Futility in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Nursing and Societal Response
Clinical Education Initiatives
Clinical Posters
Community Collaborations Fostering Leadership Development
Complementary and Alternative Care Models
Educational Issues in Nursing
Educational Strategies and Initiatives
Ensuring Quality in Practice
Family Caregiving Techniques
Global Leadership Models
Global Transdisciplinary Projects
Health Promotion Initiatives
Healthcare Issues for Women at Risk
Innovations in Clinical Excellence Evidence-Based Practice Contest Honorable Mention Posters
Leading Change in Healthcare
Measurement and Instrument Development
Models for Caring for Vulnerable Populations
Nursing Education Initiatives
Nursing Education Updates
Nursing Information Initiatives
Nursing Without Borders: The Partnership Experience
Research Methodology Issues
Research in Perinatal Issues
SPECIAL SESSION: A Feasible Approach to Evidence-Based Practice: Development, Testing and Lessons Learned in Implementing the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model
SPECIAL SESSION: Creating Connections – Chapters and New Members
SPECIAL SESSION: International Service and Learning Program: Exploring Ideas for Global Partnerships - An Interactive Forum
SPECIAL SESSION: Lessons Learned from the Honor Society Community Pilots
SPECIAL SESSION: Planning an Active Retirement
SPECIAL SESSION: Research Abstracts, Proposals and Grant Writing: Basics from Start to Finish
Strategies for Leadership Development
Strategies to Enhance the Workforce
The Clinical Scholar Model: Building the Capacity for Research and EBP
Theoretical and Methodological Global Issues
Monday, November 5, 2007
10:30 AM-11:45 AM
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Mentoring for the Future
Clinical Initiatives for Families with Newborns
Complementary Care Initiatives
Continuity of Care in Health Systems
Education for Workplace Excellence
Global Health Strategies
Global Issues in Nursing Education
Initiatives in Nursing Education
Innovations in Clinical Excellence Evidence-Based Practice Contest Winners I
Innovations in Health Promotions
Innovations in Nursing Research
Leadership Development Through Community Collaborations
Leading Change in Nursing
Leading Change through Chocolate Chip Cookies: Developing a Shared Vision for Nursing Curriculum
Models for an Aging Population
Outcomes of Care Strategies
Participant Action Research with Nurses to Identify NANDA, NIC and NOC Categories for Care of People with Diabetes and Women in Labor
R.E.S.U.L.T.S. of a Clinician-Led Evidence-Based Initiative Relating to Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention
Rising Stars Posters
SPECIAL SESSION: Governance and Bylaws Forum
Scientific Posters
Strategies and Techniques in Nursing Education
Strategies for Utilization of Research
Updates on Research Issues
1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Scientific Posters
1:45 PM-3:00 PM
A Community of Practice to Develop Post Graduate Nursing Education
Advance Practice Initiatives
Applying Evidence to Practice
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Chapter Leader Resources
Cancer Care Issues
Clinical Care of Chronic Issues
Diversity Issues in Healthcare
Evidence-Based Design: Influencing Healthcare Architecture
Family Health Strategies
Global Strategies in Nursing Education
Historical Nursing Research Initiatives
Innovations in Clinical Excellence Evidence-Based Practice Contest Winners II
Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
Mentoring Others as a Function of Leadership
Nurse Educators in Botswana and their Response to HIV/AIDS
Nursing Administration Initiatives
Professional Leadership Strategies
Promoting Success in Nursing Education
Rising Stars Posters
SPECIAL SESSION: Transforming Health Professional Education with Health Information Technology (HIT)
Strategies for Disease Management
Theory and Method Issues
Using Technology for Nursing Education
3:15 PM-4:30 PM
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Membership Involvement and Retention
Child and Adolescent Healthcare Issues
Clinical Staff Development
Developing Leaders for the Future
Developments in Nursing Education
End-of-Life Care
Family Healthcare Initiatives
Global Initiatives for Aging Populations
Health Promotion Issues
Implementation of Mentoring Strategies
Issues in Global Health
Nursing Education Outreach
Nursing Management Techniques and Strategies
Outcomes of Care Models and Reports
Outcomes of an Academic and Service Partnership to Implement Technology: Transforms Practice, Strengthens Teaching/Learning Strategies and Faculty/Service and Staff/Student Relationships
Perspectives on Nursing Education
Research Tool Development
SPECIAL SESSION: The Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library: Your Mechanism to Research Dissemination
Strategies for the Advanced Practice Nurse
Teaching and Learning Initiatives
The Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: To Advance System-Wide Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice
Using Visual Methods to Uncover Context
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
9:45 AM-11:00 AM
Addressing Patient and Staff Safety: Using Technology to Transform Practice with an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Model
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Strategic Planning for Chapters
Chiron Invited Posters
Collaboration for Nursing Education
Community Health Strategies
Creative Clinical Innovations
Cultural Competencies in Healthcare Diversity
Global Health: Creating Partnerships for Success
Global Initiatives in Nursing Administration
HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Initiatives
Health Promotion Models
Initiatives to Implement the Evidence
Innovations in Education and Practice
Leadership Posters
Leadership Strategies in Healthcare Organizations
MCH Invited Posters
Nursing Education Learning and Assessment
Nursing Education Models and Strategies
Nursing Practice Initiatives
Professional Development Initiatives for Nursing
Professional and Personal Renewal
SPECIAL SESSION: Research Abstracts, Proposals and Grant Writing: Basics from Start to Finish
Strategies and Models for Caring for the Nurse
Transition to Self-Management of a Chronic Disorder in Adolescents
Women's Health and Social Issues
1:00 PM-2:15 PM
Alternative Healthcare Practices
Building Capacity through Learning Networks: The U.S.-Russian Experience
Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Chiron Invited Posters
Family Care Issues and Models
Health Promotion Techniques
Innovative Clinical Strategies
Interventions to Care for the Older Adult
Leadership Models
Leadership Posters
MCH Invited Posters
Models for Leadership Education
Nursing Education Perspectives
Nursing Job Satisfaction
Outcomes Measurement Initiatives
SPECIAL SESSION: Integration of Evidence-Based Practice into a Graduate Nursing Administration Program: Nursing Knowledge International Courses and Competency-Based Portfolio
Strategies for Learning
Strategies for Undergraduate Nursing Students
Techniques for Improving Nursing Practice
Techniques for Learning Education and Assessment
Transformational Leadership
Utilizing Evidence in Practice
2:30 PM-3:45 PM
A Cross-Cultural Research: Role Model Behaviors of Nursing Faculty in the United States and Japan, toward Enriching Faculty Development
CHAPTER LEADER SESSION: Strategic Planning for Chapters
Celebrating Success in Global Health: New Models/New Thinking
Clinical Strategy Update
Complementary Care Strategies
Creative Learning and Assessment Tools
Creative Strategies for Chronic Health Issues
Critical Care Health Models
Developing Nurse Leaders
Evidence-Based Practice Initiatives
Family Caregiving Models
Futures Thinking and Visioning
Innovative Educational Strategies
Models for Caring for Children and Adolescents
Nursing Education Issues
Nursing Informatics Strategies
SPECIAL SESSION: Becoming a Nurse Educator
Strategies for Women's Health Issues
Targeting Success: Creative Strategies for Retaining Nursing Students
Techniques for Improving Patient Safety
The Nurse's Role in Leadership Development
Women and Children Healthcare Issues