Monday, November 5, 2007: 3:15 PM-4:30 PM
Outcomes of an Academic and Service Partnership to Implement Technology: Transforms Practice, Strengthens Teaching/Learning Strategies and Faculty/Service and Staff/Student Relationships
Learning Objective #1: Articulate the preparation needed by both faculty and service as they partner to transform practice, classroom, lab and clinical learning with technology.
Learning Objective #2: Delineate the strategies and the outcomes experienced by staff, students, faculty, service and patients following implementation of intentionally designed technology.
The need, call, and demand to implement technology to help transform health care is evident in the leadership stands from professional organizations, government and business alike. This session will share the outcomes of a joint effort of Academic and Service Leadership to implement Technology in order to transform practice and create the best places to give and receive care. The technology was intentionally designed using a Clinical Practice Model (CPM) that provides the foundation for integrated, interdisciplinary, evidence-based professional practice. Tools and resources to support interdisciplinary scope of practice, evidence based knowledge, critical thinking and clinical reasoning were embedded into the technology. The preparation needed to engage all clinicians, faculty and students to use evidence-based tools that enhance integrated holistic assessment, individualized plans of care, preventive interventions, ongoing evaluation and client education called for a culture of partnership and shared purpose. The outcomes of the joint effort to use technology to enhance the workflow of clinicians, classrooms and learning laboratories resulted in practice, teaching learning and improved relationships. These outcomes will be brought alive with examples, and feedback from faculty, staff, students, service leaders and patients via the panel and video.
Symposium Organizer:Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN
Symposium Presenters:Pamela Brown, PhD
Jill K. Mason, MS, RN, CNA
 Academia and Service Use Clinical Practice Model as Foundation
Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN
 Community Medical Center Partners with Academia to Transform Practice
Jill K. Mason, MS, RN, CNA
 Faculty Partner with Community Medical Center to Transform Practice with Support of Technology
Pamela Brown, PhD