Monday, November 5, 2007: 1:45 PM-3:00 PM
Evidence-Based Design: Influencing Healthcare Architecture
Learning Objective #1: Describe evidence-based design and its value as a decision base for the construction of new or renovated healthcare operations and facilities.
Learning Objective #2: State ways evidence-based design influences family-centered healing environments for the patients and safe,efficient environments for healthcare workers.
Evidence-based design is a new way to determine a best practice in the construction of new or the renovation of older healthcare facilities. Evidence-based design is both a process, requiring the evaluation of evidence and a product which requires the evidence is applied to practice. Thus being able to design safe, efficient, adaptable and patient-focused healthcare institutions is dependent on having current and accurate information. This presentation will provide the learner with knowledge about the way research, expert advise and data gathered from successful operations are used in the planning of facilities so the patient and family are provided with the most safe and effective experience as an inpatient or out patient and the healthcare worker is provided with an equally safe and efficient work environment Healing environments that are comfortable, pleasant to view, and free of clutter and dangerous organisms are described with pictures of some of the current facilities built in the US using evidence. Caregiver efficiency is also described with pictures used to demonstrate the very nature of the problem and the ways evidence has been used to create both a pleasant environment but a safe and efficient one as well. The ways space, color, light, and distance are used to create safe, and pleasing environments will be explained with pictures to demonstrate the reality. Current and future technology and how they will impact the inpatient and outpatient environments are also presented with pictures of their potential, based on evidence, to create a best practice design for today and the future. Further, best practice designs for surgical and emergency rooms will be discussed. Charts that demonstrate the satisfaction rating of patients who have been cared for in a family-centered environment will be shared so the learner will have evidence of impact evidence-based design.
Symposium Organizer:Cyndi McCullough, RN, MSN
Symposium Presenter:Fay L. Bower, DNSC