Monday, November 5, 2007
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Monday, November 5, 2007
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Scientific Posters
 A Comparison of Changes in Fatigue, Emotional Distress, and Physical Function in Breast Cancer Patients and Prostate Cancer Patients during Cancer Treatment
Jingjing Shang, MSN, RN, Victoria Mock, DNSc, FAAN
 A Monthly Medication Journal for Veterans on Psychiatric Medications
Deborah Finnell, DNS, RN, NPP, Heather Indelicato, BS, RN
 A Systematic Review of Emotional Intelligence in Nursing
Lisa S. D. Ball, MS, RN
 Caring and Burnout in Registered Nurses: What's the Connection?
Annette I. Peery, EdD, RN, CDE
 Costly Care: The Impact of Providing Care on Caregiver Employment
Alyssa G. Newberry, Heidi Donovan, PhD, RN, Barbara A. Given, RN, PhD, FAAN, Charles W. Given, PhD, Sarah Bradley, BS, Allison Hricik, MS, BS, Xiaoli Lu, MS, Paula R. Sherwood, PhD, RN, CNRN
 Critical Workshop as a Space for Adolescent Women's Empowerment
Rosa Maria Godoy Serpa da Fonseca, RN, MPH, PhD, FAAN, Marta Araķjo Amaral, PhD, RN
 Cross-Cultural Equivalence and Psychometric Properties of the Brazilian Version of the Attentional Function Index
EdinÍis de Brito Guirardello, RN, PhD, Carla Klava Reis, RN
 Definition of Health and Health Promotion Practices of Mexican Born Men
Lu Ann M. Reif, PhD, RN
 Development of a Pediatric Patient Classification System: Reliability and Validity
EdinÍis de Brito Guirardello, RN, PhD, Ariane Polidoro Dini, RN
 Dual Goal Attainment in Schizophrenia: Medication Adherence and Reduction in Substance Use
Deborah Finnell, DNS, RN, NPP, Stefania Fynn-Aikens, RN, MS
 Effect of Aromatherapy Massage on Abdominal Obesity and Body Image
Oh Jang Park, PhD, RN, Hee Ja Kim, PhD, RN
 Effects of Birth Events on Maternal Mood and Functional Status
Diane F. Hunker, BSN, MBA, RN, Thelma Patrick, PhD, RN
 Establishing a Center for Research Translation
Glenda N. Lindseth, PhD, RN, FADA, FAAN
 Evaluation of Staff Education and Activities at the Children's Nursing Home Àurora in Romania
Margaretha Zettergren, RN, RNT, MSc, Kaety Plos, PhD
 Four Measures to Assess a Person's Readiness to Complete a Health Care Proxy
Mary Ann Jezewski, PhD, RN, FAAN, Mary Ann Meeker, DNS, RN, Deborah Finnell, DNS, RN, NPP, Yow-Wu Wu, PhD, Loralee Sessanna, DNS, RN, Jongwon Lee, RN, MS, WHNP, PhD(c)
 Health Belief Model Perceptions, Knowledge of Heart Disease, and its Risk Factors in Educated African-American Women: An Exploration of the Relationships of Socioeconomic Status and Age
Deborah E. Jones, RN, PhD, Michael Weaver, RN, PhD, Susan J. Appel, APRN, BC, PhD, Diane Grimley, PhD, Jamy Ard, MD
 Healthy Work Environment for Professional Nurses
Chusri Manokarn, RN, MSN, Areewan Oumtanee, RN, PhD
 How Effective is Web-Based Learning in Nursing Education
Moby A. Thomas, RN, BS
 Korean Patients' Conceptions of a Good Nurse
Sung- Suk Han, RN, PhD, Young-Rhan Um, RN, PhD, Yeo-Shin Hong, PhD, Nam-Ok Cho, PhD
 Member's Perceptions of Multi-Professional Healthcare Team in Rehabilitation
Misae Ito, MSN, RN, NMW, Takahiro Kakeda, MSN, RN, PHN, Namika Ikuta, MHW, RN, Yoshiko Ishikawa, BSN, RN, Eri Uonaga, BSN, RN, Sayuri Nakamura, BSN, RN, Kazuaki Hirasada, BSN, RN, Keiko Masamura, PhD, RN
 Minimum Essentials of Physical Assessment on Respiratory System in Basic Nursing Education in Japan
Emiko Shinozaki, RN, MSN, Toyoaki Yamauchi, MD, ND, PhD, FNP, RN
 Models for Tailoring Interventions for Health Care Proxy Completion
Deborah Finnell, DNS, RN, NPP, Yow-Wu Wu, PhD, Mary Ann Jezewski, PhD, RN, Mary Ann Meeker, DNS, RN, Jongwon Lee, RN, MS, WHNP, Loralee Sessanna, DNS, RN
 Moving towards Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Improvement by Diagnosing the Medication System at a Brazilian University Hospital
Adriana Inocenti Miasso, PhD, Ana Elisa Bauer de Camargo Silva, Fernanda R.E. Gimenes, Silvia H. De Bortoli Cassiani, DNS, RN
 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Effect on Wound Healing
Jodi McDaniel, MS, RN, Karen Ahijevych, PhD, RN, Wendy Blakely, PhD, RN
 Osteoporosis Awareness in Men: Attitudes and Behaviors
Nagia Ali, PhD, RN, Cora Shonk, MA, MSN, BS
 Pediatric Gastroenteritis Admissions in Florida, 1995-2002
Jean M. Lee, PhD
 Perceptions of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Receiving Mitoxantrone Chemotherapy Correlated with Quality of Life Indicators
Linda A. Moore, EdD, MSN
 Pesticide Impacts: Epidemiological Study in a Sample of North Dakota Residents
Julie W. Anderson, PhD, RN, CCRC, Tracy Lee Wright, RN, MS
 Predictors of Job Satisfaction among Filipino Registered Nurses
Emerson Eresmas Ea, DNP, APRN, BC, CEN
 Quality of Clinical Teaching Behaviors of Nursing Faculty in BSN and ADN Programs in Japan: A Secondary Analysis
Toshiko Nakayama, RN, DNSc, Tomomi Kameoka, RN, DNSc, Naomi Funashima, RN, DNSc, Kumiko Hongo, RN, MNs, Hiroe Miura, RN, DNSc, Nobuko Yamashita, DNSc, Midori Sugimori, RN, BLL
 Relationship between Nurse Age, Critical Care Experience, Education Degree, and Work Shift Length and Use of Physical Restraints in the Intensive Care Unit
Sonya Jean Racey, MSN
 Spirtiual Care: Level of Knowledge of the BSN Nurse Who Work at the Intensive Care Unit
Gloribell Ortiz, RN, MSN
 Supporting Underserved Pregnant Women through Smoking Cessation
Theresa A. Kessler, PhD, APRN, BC, Elise M. Alverson, MSN, APRN, BC, FNP, Katherine Gordon, Teri A. Borys
 The Effect of 12-Week Tai Chi Chuan on Peripheral Nerve Modulation for Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Shu-Hui Yeh, PhD, Jen Wen Hung, MD, Chia-Wei Liou, MD, Pei-Wen Wang, MD, Li-Wei Lin, Fu-Mian Tsai, RN, MS
 The Meaning of Health for Older People with a Disability in Ireland
Kathy Murphy, PhD, RN, BA, RNT, Adeline Cooney, RN, BNS, RNT, MM, Dympna Casey, PhD, RGN, BA, MA, Eamon O'Shea, PhD
 The Perceived Influence of Masculinity on Nursing Education Experiences of Recent Male Baccalaureate Nursing Program Graduates
Ken Tillman, PhD, RN
 The Role of Spirituality in Advance Directive Decision Making among Independent Community Dwelling Older Adults
Loralee Sessanna, DNS, RN
 Timing Errors in Medication Administration: A Prospective Direct-Observation Study in Brazilian Hospitals
Fernanda R. E. Gimenes, Ana Elisa Bauer de Camargo Silva, Thalyta Cardoso Alux Teixeira, Adriana Inocenti Miasso, PhD, Silvia H. De Bortoli Cassiani, DNS, RN
 Using Existing Data to Set and Evaluate Benchmarks
Michelle L. Dunham, PhD, Jeffrey Kelley, PhD, Dawn B. Clayton, PhD
 Women's Rehabilitation Experiences Following Breast Cancer Surgery
Beverly S. Reigle, PhD, RN