Sunday, November 4, 2007: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
SPECIAL SESSION: A Feasible Approach to Evidence-Based Practice: Development, Testing and Lessons Learned in Implementing the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model
Learning Objective #1: Describe The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-based Practice Model (JHNEBP).
Learning Objective #2: Discuss strategies used to integrate JHNEBP into various health care settings, link with academic colleagues, and integrate the model into baccalaureate and graduate curriculum.
The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-based Practice Model was implemented and evaluated within an academic hospital to foster the infusion of evidence-based practice (EBP). Successful implementation was fostered through integration into the committee structure, goals for committees and leadership aligned with EBP, building basic and advanced competencies for nursing, research activities, and fellowships. The JHNEBP model was then incorporated into the baccalaureate and graduate classes in the School of Nursing, where curriculum was revised to include strong EBP skills, knowledge and abilities required for healthcare leadership. This session will focus on the lessons learned, strategies for success, and current status of activities for those interested in a feasible approach to expanding EBP engagement for staff nurses.
Symposium Organizer:Robin Purdy Newhouse, RN, PhD
Symposium Presenters:Stephanie S. Poe, MScN, RN
Kathleen M. White, PhD, RN, CNAA, CMAC
Sandra L. Dearholt, RN, MS
Robin Purdy Newhouse, RN, PhD