Tuesday, November 6, 2007
9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Leadership Posters
 Changing the Face of Healthcare in the United Kingdom Through Health Coaching
Laura Rapp, MSN, BSN, RN, Amy Bowen, RN, MA
 Development of a Mentorship Program in an Acute Care Hospital
Teri Rae Round, RN, BSN, MS
 Development of Community Wide Acute Stroke Programs Necessitates Collaboration Among Institutions Traditionally Positioned as Rival
Ann Quinn Todd, RN, MSN, CNA, Joan Censullo, RN, MS, BS, BA, CNRN, Felicia Gann, BS
 Exploration of Organizational Commitment of Nurses Between Taiwan and China
Li-Fan Chen, N/A, Chin-Yin Chou
 Head nurses-staff nurses Relationship Scale
Daojai Jeepetch, RN, Areewan Oumtanee, RN, PhD
 Multigenerational Nursing Workforce Value Differences and Work Environment: Impact on RNs' Turnover Intentions
Amany A. Farag, PhD, Candidate, MSN, Mary K. Anthony, RN, PhD, Jaclene Zauszniewski, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Susan Tullai-McGuinness, PhD, RN, Katherine Jones, RN, PhD
 Nursing Competency in Burn Unit
Weena Laichartkul, RN, MSN, Areewan Oumtanee, RN, PhD
 Quality-Based Strategic Planning in a New Master's Entry Clinical Nurse Leader Program
Gail Schoen Lemaire, PHD, APRN, BC
 Redesign in Ambulatory Care with Improvement in Patient Flow
Winona Eichner, RN, MN
 Self- Development of Nursing Director
Bupannee Mattra, RN, MSN, Yupin Aungsuroch, RN, PhD, Areewan Oumtanee, RN, PhD
 The first chapter of STTI in Japan: management and activities
Fujiko Nakao, MSN, RN, Reiko Azuma, MEco, RN, Misae Ito, MSN, RN, NMW, Kyoko Murakami, PhD, RN, NMW, Susan Turale, EdD, MSt, RN, RPN, SRF, SRCNA, Takahiro Kakeda, MSN, RN, PHN, Carolyn S. Melby, PhD, APRN, BC, CCH
 The Role of Mentoring in Developing African American Nurse Leaders
Jacqueline J. Hill, PhD, RN, MSN, BSN
 UPMC Minority Nurse Mentorship and Professional Enhancement Program
Dawndra Jones-Hornsby, RN, MSN