Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM
Building Capacity through Learning Networks: The U.S.-Russian Experience
Learning Objective #1: Describe how collaboration and joint project participation are critical elements of professional capacity building.
Learning Objective #2: Describe how collaborataive learning networks can be supportive of empowering Russian staff nurses.
Building capacity, a concept common to international projects, has varied definitions. Basically, building capacity refers to activities undertaken by a group in one country to help those in another country improve their capacity to achieve desired objectives. A helpful approach is to define building capacity as a process focused on learning at individual, group and/or organizational levels. For this learning to be effective and contribute to sustainability, the ultimate goal of capacity building projects, it must be collaborative and mutual. Such learning needs facilitative leadership to assure project participant involvement. Thus, in helping others achieve desired outcomes, leaders must help those being helped actively participate in project design, implementation, and evaluation. Participatory involvement to foster collaborative learning serves as an impetus not only for goal achievement, but increasing cross-cultural understanding. The purpose of this symposium is highlight how collaborative learning helped Russian nurses achieve goals of professional capacity buidling in three areas: 1) initiating nursing research in a clinical setting, 2) increasing understanding of the nurses role in ethical decision-making and 3) empowering nurses to complete patient care improvement projects in their work settings. Key elements for participatory professional capacity building are facilitative leadership and supportive learning networks.
Symposium Organizer:Marie J. Driever, RN, PhD
Symposium Presenters:Rachel Difazio, MS, RN, PNP
Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN
Marina V. Boykova, RN, BSc
Jana L. Pressler, PhD, RN
Valentina Sarkisova, RN, BS
Olga Komissarova, RN, MN
Marie J. Driever, RN, PhD
 Building Russian Staff Nurse Capacity to Improve Patient Care
Marie J. Driever, RN, PhD, Rachel Difazio, MS, RN, PNP
 Development of a Collaborative with the Russian Nurses' Association for Ethics Capacity Building
Valentina Sarkisova, RN, BS, Olga Komissarova, RN, MN, Marie J. Driever, RN, PhD
 Follow up care of Premature Babies in Russia: Evaluating Parental Experiences and Associated Services
Marina V. Boykova, RN, BSc, Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN
 Learning Together to Design Ethics Education for Russian Nurses
Olga Komissarova, RN, MN, Valentina Sarkisova, RN, BS, Marie J. Driever, RN, PhD
 Mentorship at a Distance: The St. Petersburg Oklahoma Connection
Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN, Marina V. Boykova, RN, BSc, Jana L. Pressler, PhD, RN