Tuesday, November 6, 2007: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM
Nursing Job Satisfaction
 Factors Influencing Work-Place Choice: A Cross Border Study
Sheila Cameron, RN, EdD, Marjorie Armstrong-Stassen, PhD
 The Influence of Organizational Characteristics and Caring Attributes of Managers on Nurses' Job Enjoyment
Gail Holland Wade, DNSc, Bonnie S. Osgood, MSN, RN, CNA, BC
 Correlates of Self-Perceived Job Satisfaction among Licensed Vocational and Registered Nurses
Veronikia D. Lee, RN, MSN, MBA, CNOR, Kenn M. Kirksey, RN, PhD, APRN, BC, Mary Bossier-Bearden, RN, MBA, CNA, BC