Sunday, November 4, 2007: 10:30 AM-11:45 AM
HIV/AIDS Stigma in Africa
Learning Objective #1: 1. Desribe how HIV/AIDS stigma manifests itself in five African countries.
Learning Objective #2: 2. Identify possible ways of measuring HIV/AIDS stigma.
The stigma associated with HIV and AIDS has been a serious problem in the prevention of this disease in Africa, and also in accessing and delivering care to those affected and infected. This symposium will report on a research project in five African countries, during which two instruments to measure HIV and AIDS stigma were developed and validated, and the level of stigma was tracked over a period of eighteen months. The African-UCSF Stigma Study is currently in its last phase, that of developing and evaluating a stigma intervention. The aspects to be covered in the symposium are the management of such an international research project, as well as the most important findings about HIV and AIDS stigma. The two instruments, one aimed at People Living with HIV/AIDS and one aimes at nurses will be introduced and discussed.
Symposium Organizer:Leana Uys, DSocSc
Symposium Presenters:Minrie Greeff, PhD
Maureen L. Chirwa, PhD
Priscilla S. Dlamini, PhD
Thecla S. Kohi, PhD
 HIV/AIDS stigma in Africa
Priscilla S. Dlamini, PhD, Maureen L. Chirwa, PhD
 Managing international research projects
Leana Uys, DSocSc
 Measuring HIV/AIDS stigma
Thecla S. Kohi, PhD, Minrie Greeff, PhD