Monday, November 5, 2007: 1:45 PM-3:00 PM
Nurse Educators in Botswana and their Response to HIV/AIDS
Learning Objective #1: Appreciate the role of nurse educators in HIV/AIDS in Botswana.
Learning Objective #2: Evaluate the effectiveness of the nurse educator's responses to HIV/AIDS.
Botswana is the second country hardest hit by HIV/AIDS in the World. With a population of 1.7 million people, 260,000 people were reported to be living with HIV/AIDS in 2005, and the country has embraced the fight against the HIV/AIDS scourge as the priority area. Nurse educators have simultaneously joined the fray to fight the HIV/AIDS and have vigorously initiated prevention and care programs that are culture sensitive. The curricula in Botswana have been reviewed to enable integration of HIV/AIDS content in the courses taught in the nursing institutions. An HIV/AIDS course has also been developed and offered to non-nursing students in the university and other tertiary institutions in the country. Education is known to be the most indisputable tool that could be used in the fight against HIV/AIDS; to this end the nurse educators have formed partnerships with governmental institutions, private sectors, UN agencies, civic society and non-governmental organizations in educating the country’s population on HIV/AIDS through their initiated programs. The purpose of this paper is to discuss ways in which nursing educators have responded to HIV/AIDS prevention, control, care and the reduction of stigma among the infected and affected individuals, families and communities.
Symposium Organizer:Gloria Thupayagale-Tshweneagae, MNS
Symposium Presenters:Esther S. Seloilwe, PhD, RN, RM
Naomi Mmapelo Seboni, PhD, RN
Rosemary Dudu Mbatha-Ndaba, MNC, RN
 Fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge through strengthening the educational capacity
Naomi Mmapelo Seboni, PhD, RN
 HIV/AIDS: Integration of policies into the general nursing curricula
Esther S. Seloilwe, PhD, RN, RM
 Nurse Educators fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge in partnership with the community
Rosemary Dudu Mbatha-Ndaba, MNC, RN