Saturday, November 3, 2007: 2:45 PM-4:00 PM
SPECIAL SESSION: Sharing the Wealth: Developing Your Skills as a Nurse Entrpreneur
Learning Objective #1: Identify how to transition one's identity from professional skills of "a job" to one that is referred to as a personally owned "business".
Learning Objective #2: Identify unique skills and interests that could be potentially organized into a business plan that meets a market need.
Most nurses are employed by hospitals, clinics, or work in educational settings. The number of nurse entrpreneurs is relatively small, but is growing. This session will be presented by two senior nurse executives who by professional circumstances, found themselves respectively in a situation where getting out of their comfirt zones and learning how to become an entrepreneur became a necessity. The steps in the learning curve of planning, marketing and doing the work from start-up to establishing a business presence illustrates how each rose to the occasion and have built successful businesses based on meeting marketplace needs.
Symposium Organizer:Nancy M. Valentine, RN, PhD, MPH
Symposium Presenters:Ann Marie Brooks, RN, DNSc, MBA
Nancy M. Valentine, RN, PhD, MPH