Sunday, November 4, 2007: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Nursing Without Borders: The Partnership Experience
Learning Objective #1: Create a process for identifying key partnerships in nursing.
Learning Objective #2: State the value of selective partnerships and identify success markers.
The presenters, based in Singapore, Russia, and the United States, have a wealth of experience in international nursing partnerships. Cognizant of the value of selective partnerships, they identified and collaborated with select nursing leaders worldwide to document the road to nursing without borders. Florence Nightingale was a global citizen and a respected nursing leader. An author, researcher, caregiver, and networker, she set the standard for nursing leadership in today's global environment. By partnering strategically with others, she removed barriers to nursing services management and practice. Today's global nursing leaders value strategic partnerships across countries and across borders. Shared values, common wisdom, and success markers resulting from partnering are lessons learned for all of us…these lessons must be shared for continuous learning and excellence in global nursing leadership. Many of these leaders are members of the international Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society. They represent new countries, new standards and a new vision of nurse partnering.
Symposium Organizer:Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, CRNI, FAAN
Symposium Presenters:Ann Marie Brooks, RN, DNSc, MBA
Valentina Sarkisova, RN, BS
Linda Luna, RN, PhD
Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, CRNI, FAAN
 Communities abroad
Linda Luna, RN, PhD
 Global Alliances
Ann Marie Brooks, RN, DNSc, MBA
 Partnering for Success
Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, CRNI, FAAN