Saturday, November 3, 2007

This presentation is part of : Using Technology for Professional Development
Developing an Online Journal for Doctors of Nursing Practice
David G. O'Dell, MSN, ARNP, BC, Nancy B. Cabelus, MSN, RN, Amelie Hollier, MSN, RN, BC, LaRae Huyke, RN, MS, APRN, BC, Sally R. Schafer-Beltz, MSN, APRN-BC, and Joyce Williams, MFSA, RN. Co-Founder and Board Member, Doctors of Nursing Practice, LLC, Orange Park, FL, USA
Learning Objective #1: list three steps involved in the formation and development of a web-based professional entity.
Learning Objective #2: list 3 obstacles to successful communication between advanced practice, doctorally prepared nurses.

Overview: An assigned project in an Advanced Leadership course generated discussion of the need for a journal dedicated to the emerging Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Doctors of Nursing Practice, LLC (DNP, LLC) was established in November 2006 in response to interest among advanced practice nurses to address the ever-changing dynamics of the health care environment. Principles and Mission: Grounded in principles that include dedication, commitment and communication among advanced practice nurses, the mission of the DNP, LLC is to create a forum for exchange of information, innovation, and ideas for nursing practice. Through collaborative professionalism that demonstrates universal respect, honesty and integrity in practice, we are creating an on-line platform for the dissemination of pertinent information to facilitate the professional growth of advanced professional nursing. Time Line and Marketing: A comprehensive analysis of the global market of advanced practice journals reflected a void in resources and information for the Doctor of Nursing Practice. This organization will fill that void. Our time-line spans three years of measured and calculated growth with involvement by the organization's founders, participants and contributors. Our plan is being implemented with official site opening in February 2007. Operations: The Doctor of Nursing Practice Journal will be our product along with on-going forums of communication, continuing education, and updated information. The organization is flat by design so that all participants will have access to staff and contributors who are committed to on-line participants and subscribers. Staff members include investing owners and professional volunteers who have an earned DNP or related degree or are in the process of completing their doctoral degree. We welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities of this organization's contribution to the health care delivery system internationally with a communication medium for Doctors of Nursing Practice, by Doctors of Nursing Practice.