Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This presentation is part of : Techniques for Learning Education and Assessment
The Educator's Classroom Assessment Toolkit
Jeffrey Kelley, PhD, Dawn B. Clayton, PhD, and Michelle L. Dunham, PhD. Research and Development, Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC, Overland Park, KS, USA
Learning Objective #1: write test questions enabling more accurate assessment of students' knowledge.
Learning Objective #2: analyze and use assessment data to inform instructional decisions.

In today’s world of nursing education, there is a shortage of both faculty and time.  Accurate classroom assessment of student learning is crucial to making informed decisions about how to make the best use of these valuable resources.  Well-written multiple-choice questions can provide an efficient and reliable vehicle by which students can demonstrate their acquired nursing knowledge.  Following administration of a classroom assessment, data analysis can reveal a great deal of diagnostic information about the students, such as individual and group strengths and weaknesses, the effectiveness of teaching, and the effectiveness of the items in measuring students’ knowledge.  Included in this session are tips for writing multiple-choice questions to avoid common item-writing pitfalls and examples of simple methods for analyzing and interpreting post-test data.  The participants will be given tools for writing, analyzing, and reviewing assessment items.