Sunday, November 4, 2007

This presentation is part of : Creative Innovations in Leadership
Nurse Leadership through Influence on Boards
Jeri A. Milstead, PhD, College of Nursing, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, USA
Learning Objective #1: scan one's practice environment to identify boards and other bodies in which the learner can exert influence.
Learning Objective #2: design own practice environment to maximize opportunities to serve on boards that might not seem "nursing-related."

Nurses exert influence in many spheres, most often within nursing organizations.  However, the nurse’s intellect and expert knowledge are not often acknowledged by those outside nursing.  The author challenges nurses to exert leadership on boards, commissions, and other bodies not usually thought of as “nursing.”  Board membership beyond nurse organizations provides opportunities for the nurse leader to demonstrate a perspective of holistic thinking, systems concepts, and the capacity for critical thinking.  Board membership may also expand the nurse’s vision of environment and economic development as related to the business and industry of health care.  The author’s experience as a member of a dynamic port authority is one example of stretching one’s leadership capability beyond familiar boundaries.