Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This presentation is part of : Addressing Patient and Staff Safety: Using Technology to Transform Practice with an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Model
The Components of an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Model
Bonnie Lou Wesorick, BS, MSN, CPM Resource Center, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Few would deny the complexities of the health care system and realities being faced by those who give and receive care.  This presentation will focus on the components of an Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Evidence–Based Practice Model designed to provide a framework with tools and resources to support the clinicians in the delivery of safe, quality professional services.  The correlation of the Clinical Practice Model to the known complexities and day to day realities such as lack of infrastructures, skills, clinical tools and evidence-based resources leading to medication errors, failure to prevent complications, failure to rescue, variance and inconsistencies, inability to stop duplication, repetition and omissions will be demonstrated.   Interdisciplinary tools and resources designed within a practice framework to support each discipline's scope of practice including holistic assessment, evidenced-based guidelines of care, unique interdisciplinary plan of care will be reviewed.  The impact of a framework on the intentional design of technology to serve both those who give and receive care will be demonstrated within the context of a patient story.