Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This presentation is part of : Addressing Patient and Staff Safety: Using Technology to Transform Practice with an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Model
The Nature of the Work to Transform Practice Using Technology
Shawn Tyrrell, MSN, Nursing, Rush-Copley Medical Center, Aurora, IL, USA

Planning and preparing to "go live" on technology designed to transform practice and address the serious clinical realities around patient and staff safety is not another project to be done but a commitment to a new way of thinking, practice and relationships.  The nature of the support needed by those who lead their organizations and every person who practices within them requires clarity, commitment and courage.  This session will address the fundamental strategic planning, the process to engage all stakeholders, and the educational and financial issues within each phase of implementing an evidence-based, interdisciplinary professional practice framework.  The importance of a partnership infrastructure across the whole system starting at the unit level to help achieve evidence-based accountability and interdisciplinary integration at the point of care needed to stop duplication and repetition will be shared.  Both the tacit and explicit outcomes will be reviewed.