Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This presentation is part of : Addressing Patient and Staff Safety: Using Technology to Transform Practice with an Integrated, Interdisciplinary Evidence-Based Practice Model
Safety Outcomes When Using Technology to Transform Practice
Judith M. Pechacek, MSN, Nursing, Fairview Southdale Hospital, Edina, MN, USA

This presentation will bring the  lessons learned about the nature of the work it takes to achieve outcomes that demonstrate true transformation at the point of care resulting in enhanced patient and staff safety. The impact of intentionally designing technology to serve both those who give and receive care becomes evident when the outcomes seen in day to day practice are reviewed.   The diverse outcomes experienced by hundreds of clinicians and patients will be correlated to the professional standards, the call from the Institute of Medicine, JCAHO and Magnet standards, as well as NQF and IHI.  The significance of these outcomes will be shown as they relate to people for whom the professionals are privileged to serve.