Monday, November 5, 2007

This presentation is part of : Global Issues in Nursing Education
Conceptual Mapping Workshop Alternative for Undergraduate Nursing Students of Geriatrics
Patricia A. Adler, PhD, RN, Nursing Research and Innovation, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA
Learning Objective #1: discuss the rationale for the use of an alternative approach to concept mapping.
Learning Objective #2: describe an alternative approach to typical concept mapping and its results.

Background Information. Concept mapping is an innovative approach to care planning. Yet, the entire nursing process involved in comprehensive care planning is not captured using this approach. Nursing actions and outcomes are not reflected in the typical concept map. This project was developed as an alternative that utilizes concept mapping in a way that displays the nursing process and requires critical thinking of students. Description of Initiative. Prior to the workshop, students selected a long-term care resident and obtained a database. Students completed a simple concept map and identified medical and nursing diagnoses using an electronic template with nursing process components. Students were shown examples of posters and instructed to create a poster that reflected a realistic plan with measurable goals (outcomes). At the workshop, students came prepared to work on the last clinical day. Students were permitted to ask questions and listen to music. Posters were completed in approximately 4 hours and then presented to the group after a break. Posters were graded by the instructor after the student presentations and returned to students at the final evaluation. Evaluation Information. Students consistently reported they 1) developed a better understanding of the nursing process in a fun and creative way, 2) appreciated the opportunity to present the posters to their peers and discuss other care plans. This project was 50% of the clinical grade for the course and worth 25 points.  Individual student scores ranged 23 to 25 points using a modified nursing process evaluation form in the syllabus. Recommendations for Others. Recommendations include 1) continue to develop this project with other groups, 2) display posters at the nursing school and long-term care facility that promotes an awards competition, 3) make examples of posters available on the course website to students and faculty, 4) utilize posters to market geriatrics course.