Saturday, November 3, 2007

This presentation is part of : Using Technology for Professional Development
Unsung Heroes: Using Interactive Web-Based Multimedia to Publish Nursing Success Stories
Catherine A. Johnson, BHS, Brenda Laurie-Shaw, RN, MN, Mary Ferguson-Pare, RN, PhD, and Nicholas Brudnicki. Nursing Informatics, University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada
Learning Objective #1: identify how nursing success stories are traditionally communicated and discuss the advantages/disadvantages associated with traditional methods of communication.
Learning Objective #2: discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia formats to profile nursing success stories.

Nurses are everyday heroes who are rarely recognized publicly for their contributions to patient care, healthcare, and society.  Celebrating nurses’ successes and communicating their stories is vital to the education of nurses, students, patients and their families as well as other healthcare professionals.  Storytelling is a means of sharing nurses’ stories using images, sounds and words. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight multimedia storytelling that has been effective in profiling nursing success stories.  

A Canadian multi-site quaternary academic health science centre has created an Internet website designed to communicate nursing stories and experiences to a global audience. The Nursing Channel has been created by nurses for nurses and is used to profile, share and preserve nursing stories. The Nursing Informatics Team in collaboration with nurses from across the organization have created programs using multimedia formats including audio, video and photographic mediums.  One of the programs describes a nurse’s travels to Tanzania to observe healthcare there and assist in setting up a healthcare clinic.  In another, nurses describe how a change in practice while providing care in a crisis situation dramatically affected the family and the caregivers. In a third program multi disciplinary healthcare professionals are asked to describe how patient care has affected their practice.  Nurses are encouraged to submit story ideas and are an integral part of the design and production. New stories are developed and posted to the site monthly.  

This presentation will discuss how the use of technology, in particular, web based multimedia formats can communicate nursing success stories to a global audience.  Launched in late 2006, there were over 20,000 hits from all over the world to the Nursing Channel in the first 60 days.